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Nestled in the trees on a hillside adjacent to the Dry Creek Valley, 4545 Mill Creek Road exudes tranquility, belying the 10 minute drive to Downtown Healdsburg.  

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If you don't know, you should know - Healdsburg is basically paradise! The warm dry summers and cool wet winters, give anyone a green thumb.  100 degree summer days make the perfect setting for lazy pool days, while the cool evenings rejuvenate and offer an amazing night's sleep!  Bored of country life and cooking at home?  Not a problem, just head to one of the myriad of amazing restaurants.  Feeling fancy? Then Single Thread (3 Michelin Stars) is the place to be. Want a more casual setting with killer cocktails, Campo Fino or Spoonbar is a great choice.  Healdsburg is amazing! 

More information at, https://www.healdsburg.com.